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Week 17 WI

January 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Loss this week: 3.5lbs
Loss in total: 46.5lbs (3 stone 1/2lb)
% Loss total: 15.05
Start BMI: 49.4
Current BMI: 42

Today was week 17 weigh in. A much better result and a much happier person than the past three weeks. I don’t know why the slow down, maybe a plateau? I’ve stuck to the plan, despite having a horrendous cold and then sinus infection, I still didn’t comfort eat. But a 3 and a half pound loss this week brings me to a total loss of 3 stone and half a pound!! I am really pleased.

I’ve had to give myself a good talking to. Why is it that we put so much pressure on ourselves when we need to lose weight? It doesn’t go on overnight (although it might seem like it sometimes) so there is no way on this earth that it’s going to come off overnight either!! We set ourselves goals and get disappointed and dispondent if we don’t meet them. It’s crazy really, yet we can’t help saying, oh by such and such an event, I want to have lost X amount of pounds/stones/tonnes you get the drift.

A pound off is a pound off, why is that not acceptable? Just think how big a pound feels when it’s a pound on.. so why does a pound seem like a tiny weeny amount when it’s a pound off?

So I’m feeling positive again after being down in the dumps for the past three weeks and off I go… I’m not going to set a target to get to for summer, because whatever I lose between now and the summer will be great. I’m 3 stone lighter than I was last summer so that’s a bonus already! I’m looking forward to not being hot and sticky and sore in parts that shouldn’t even know what sore is LOL, and also looking forward to joining in family outings instead of sitting on the sidelines watching hubby run around with the 3 yr old while I laugh sadly wishing it was me running around like a loony with them.