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May 15, 2018 Leave a comment

After losing 6 and  a half stone in 8 months, I started to struggle a little bit. It just seemed like bloody hard work to be honest. Everyone else in my family was eating whatever they wanted and there was me, still watching every morsel that went into my mouth and I was really tired of it, but I carried on, albeit a little bit lacking in enthusiasm.   Then I’d sometimes have a half a pound weight gain  for no reason whatsoever. Then I had a 2 pound weight gain for I reason. I got to thinking, what’s the point? I looked better, I felt better and I’d lost 6 and a half stone. But the reality was, I was still very overweight. I made the decision (and it’s not the right decision for everyone I must add!!) to have 4 days off plan. I weigh on a Thursday, was going to eat whatever I wanted through until Monday morning and then get back on plan. I ate my way through the kitchen. I had all the things I’d been saying no to but actually longing for. Buttered toast, buttered crumpets, chocolate, biscuits, icecream, bacon butties… etc… and when Monday came I only half heatedly got back on plan. On Thursday morning, weigh in day, I ummed and ahh’d as to whether to go and get weighed or not. I decided to go and face the scales. Mainly because if I didn’t, I might not lose what I’d gained that week and then still show as a weight gain the following week. So I went, and accepted the 3 and a half pounds I’d gained. Psychologically, I’d enjoyed gaining those 3 and a half pounds whereas there had been no reason for previous weight gains. I went home and got back on plan right away and when I weighed in the following week, I’d lost 4 pounds. I was back on track. I’m very pleased to be able to say that now, as of May, I have just had my 8 stone weight loss award and I’m feeling pretty darned good about it.

I’m also now able to go into ‘normal’ shops to buy clothes. I’ve dropped from this time last year wearing a size 34 to now being able to fit into a size 20 (uk sizes). My son commented about me fitting into normal human being sizes and looking good lol.. gotta love straight talking kids eh?

My focus is absolutely back on track. Someone suggested I look at it as part two, which was good advice. So part two is getting to target. I need to lose another 65 pounds to get to where I think I need to be. Now, 65 pounds is still a lot of weight, but in the grand scheme of things, having already lost 112 pounds, 65 more seems like nothing really to me and very achievable. I’m also at the stage now where when weight comes off it’s actually noticeable. For so long I was so far that I could lose a stone and not see where it had gone from. I guess you have to remember that you’re also losing fat internally that’s wedged itself around all the internal organs. But now, I’m seeing losses and although I’m liking my new emerging shape it’s also having a bit of an odd effect. Where I am now, is where I was 13 years ago after having my son, but the problem is, 13 years is quite a long time and the effects of aging and turning 50 this year means I’m seeing a different face now the fat is going. It’s all a bit wrinkly and saggy and it’s taking a bit of getting used to to be honest. I’m sure I’ll adjust, but I’m not quite sure who the person in the mirror is lol.

One of the soul boosting effects of losing weight over winter is that when you take your coat off and start wearing less baggy clothes is the reaction on the faces of people you know but might not have seen for a while, or seen in passing when you’ve been wrapped up in your winter clothes. I even had a ‘crikey’ from a friend of my hubby who we’ve not seen for about a year. That is a good feeling. I’m loving seeing the shock on people’s faces lol.

So now I’m looking forward to my holiday in August. I know it’s a while away yet, but I can shift another couple of stone by then. And this time I’ll be able to move around and do things.

In the meantime, I’m getting used to wearing smaller clothes, not being hot and sweaty and chafed in places that really should not be hot sweaty and chafed. No underboob sweats and raw flesh from rubbing this year.. although the girls are still plentiful lol.. I’m hoping they go down pretty soon.. I’ve still got far more than necessary lol.

My next personal mini goal is to have lost 10 stone by the beginning of August when I meet up with some friends I’ve not seen since last August when we have our annual weekend away.

Onwards and downwards

A xx