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A gain?

May 28, 2018 Leave a comment

I gained a pound this week and I had no specific reason for the gain. I’d stayed on plan, in fact, I’d more or less lived off salads with either tuna or chicken, so I was very disappointed to say the least. I knew I was due(ish) for my monthly but it’s been a bit all over the place, so really it could either be anytime, or not at all at the moment.

It’s awful when you have an unexpected gain, especially when you sit in class and the lady that’s lost 3lbs and has no idea why because she’s eaten x, y and a can make it even harder to deal with. But, that said, having been on plan for a year, I know full well that there is a physical reason for it. Our bodies are going to do their son thing sometimes. Sometimes we retain water because we’ve not drunk enough water and our body things ‘yikes, I don’t know when I’m getting more water, I better hang on to what I do get’.      Another reason for your body holding on to water is that when fat cells lose fat they fill up with water, ready and waiting for the next load of fat to grab. If the fat isn’t replaced then they flush the holding water out that’s keeping the cells shape and then shrink.

I think the reason for my gain this week was that I’d found a new food. A food I loved and decided that I could eat it every day and that was salt and pepper chicken. Normal strips of chicken but I rolled them in a salt and pepper seasoning before cooking, and I don’t mean a little bit of salt, I mean LOADS of it, and I ate that about 5 times in a week. I think my body retained water due to the amount of salt I ate. It seems to make sense to me. So we’ll see what the scales say on Thursday.

It’s been a bank holiday weekend but I’ve made my own burgers for the BBQ and plenty of salad. Breakfast has been bacon, mushrooms (on the BBQ) and baked beans. Tonight we went to a local carvery for a meal. I’ve had so much salad this week as it’s been too hot for me to cook, but I really wanted some vegetables (which my hubby and son found very amusing and decided that only people on slimming world could crave vegetables lol). I find that a carvery is very easy to work with on the slimming world plan. All the meat, all the veg, except avoid the veg with sauces on. Go for boiled potatoes instead of roasties and syn the Yorkshire pudding and the dribble of gravy. I tend to over-syn them just to be sure, but I thoroughly enjoyed my roast dinner without having to sweat in a hot kitchen, with the added bonus of not having to wash the dishes afterwards too.

So hopefully this week, the water retention will have disappeared (I’ve done nothing but pee!) and I’ll get a good loss.

Keep smiling

Ann-Marie xx