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Week 21 Weigh In

February 24, 2009 1 comment

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t stay to the slimming class this week. My 3 yr old has chicken pox and although she’s no longer contageous, I just didn’t feel right keeping a spotty kid in a room full of people.

Anyway, the good news is that I have lost 3 lbs this week!! This leaves me 1/2 a pound short of losing 3 and a half stone. A whopping 48 & 1/2 pounds gone!

Loss this week: 3lbs
Loss in total: 48 & 1/2lbs (3 stone 6 & 1/2lb)
% Loss total: 17.56%
Start BMI: 49.4
Current BMI: 40.7

Yesterday was  a bit of a struggle but Monday’s always seem to be. I dont’ know why. Maybe subconsciously my brain is saying, you get weighed tomorrow, so you’ll get away with whatever you eat today. I can manage to ignore it and stay on track, it just gets a bit annoying fighting the shoulder angels about it!

And how loud can one small piece of white chocolate shout? Louder than a jumbo jet! There was a small bar of white chocolate in the kitchen and there was a piece broken off sitting on the top of it. This stupid tiny piece of chocolate shouted and shouted my name!! My hand hovered over it at one point. The bad shoulder angel was going yes yes yes! The good shoulder angel was shouting no no no! I can’t believe I almost picked it up to eat it. stupid stupid stupid! I resisted. I put it in the cupboard and it obviously got the hump and sulked because I didn’t hear it again.

I did chuckle to myself though because when my other half came home, he could obviously hear it yelling. He opened the cupboard door, saw it and ate it. LOL. So now it is smothering it’s way over his hips instead of it sitting on mine. Yay me!