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My Story ~ Part III posted

January 31, 2009 Leave a comment

I wake to the [insert sarcasm] glorious sound of my 3 year old yelling, mummy I need a wee!!

Ok, ready to start the day. Once again it is 7am. Coffee.. my first thought is always coffee. My second thought on this particular morning is OMG, I’m on a diet! Shock and panic attack me at once. Oh no, I shouldn’t be thinking like this. Such a negative feeling. I was so positive yesterday, I was actually looking forward to starting the diet and getting the weight off. But now, reality hits. I’m on a diet, that means I can’t pig out on several twixes, chocolate penguins, packets of biscuits.. or whatever. I’m not even down the stairs yet and the flood gates of negativity have opened…. Read More