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Joined the Gym

April 1, 2009 1 comment

Imagine that… I joined the gym. A phrase I never thought I’d hear myself say, let alone be pleased about. It’s actually a gym / toning studio. I went for my induction today. I managed 6 minutes on the exercise bike. I could actually have done more but as it was my induction, I didn’t ask for longer. I’ll just do longer next time. They also have a treadmill, a ski machine type thing (my gym terminology is great eh?), a stepper and a rowing machine. They also have one of those vibrating plate things that scared the hell out of me! Might just avoid that one.. yikes!

So after my exercise bike, I went onto the toning tables. A lot of people say toning tables are a lazy way of doing exercise. What they need to realise is that it’s not exercise to lose weight, it’s toning all your muscles up. You work against the tables by tensing your muscles and applying pressure against the machine. I certainly know all about it this afternoon. My thighs and bum in particular. But I’m on my way to pertness LOL. I’m hoping to go twice a week and will work on increasing my time on the exercise bike until I’m doing half an hour. Once I can do that, I’ll add in the treadmill and then slowly introduce the other machines as well as carrying on with the toning tables.

One reason I have to be careful is because of my fibromyalgia. Because of that, muscle pain is amplified and I can be in agony sometimes from doing very little, so hopefully I can find a level that I can work comfortably at.

I’m looking forward to firming up and losing inches.

So, measurements today are:

  • Neck: 14 3/4″
  • Bust: 48″
  • Under Bust: 41″
  • Waist: 44″
  • Hips: 52″
  • Thighs: 25 3/4″
  • Above Knee: 20 1/2″
  • Calf: 17 1/2″
  • Upper Arm: 13 1/4″

Checking these against my measurements on the 1st of February when I first took my measurements, the inch loss is as follows:

Inch Loss

  • Neck: -1 1/4″
  • Bust: -2″
  • Waist: -3″
  • Hips: -2″
  • Thigh: 1 1/2″
  • Upper Arm: 1 1/4