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Sack of Spuds!

January 30, 2009 Leave a comment

“Get some new clothes girl, you look like a sack of spuds!”

This is a well meaning compliment from a friend believe it or not LOL.

Yes my clothes are starting to hang off me, but I’m still wearing clothes that I was wearing 3 stone ago. The beauty (if that’s the right word) of baggy, stretchy, elasticated waist clothes is that they strrrreeeeetttttch to mammoth proportions. They also shrink back once they’ve stretched. The problem now, is that they’ve nowhere for them to shrink back to. They are past shrinkability and I have to admit that yes they do look too baggy and they just don’t look good.

So go buy some new clothes I hear you say. The problem is, I’m loathed to go and spent money on clothes that I won’t be wearing for long (note the positivity there? – woohoo). I have clothes in my wardrobe that are about a size and a half down that I was wearing before I got pregnant with my now 3 and a half year old. This in itself is good news because once I’m in them, that means I’m back to where I was  before I got to the ‘I’m a mum I don’t need to look good’ stage. And I’d been that size for quite some time, so any weight off after that is taking me back to looooong time ago territory. But that still leaves me either wandering round like a sack of spuds or wandering around naked, which in all reality is just NOT an option LOL.

The other thing about new clothes is that I’d have to go to ‘The Fat Shop’!!! arghhhh, no don’t do this to me!!

Maybe I should just decide to be Roman and go wandering around in a toga.. hmm, bit chilly this time of year. Indian then and wear a sari? Chinese and wear a kimono? Or maybe I should just start wearing my lovely, fluffy, old dressing gown everywhere. Or perhaps I should actually take a look at George at Asda’s new (albeit very small) selection of 18-30 plus-size (god I hate that word!) clothes and get a couple of pairs of trousers and a couple of t-shirts to see me through to my old wardrobe.

The problem with the Asda clothes is that they seem to be so flowery and frilly. arghhhh. I am so NOT  flowery, frilly person. Plain, simple, no fuss clothes are for me. Generally black.. not a fat person’s black, but rocker black. I’m a rocker at heart.. heavy music! and loud! You just don’t see rockers walking around in frills and flowers – although the thought of it makes me giggle, thinking forward to the Metallica gig I’m going to on the 28th of February – rockers in flowery shirts! LOL. and on that note… I shall say goodbye for now.