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Isn’t it funny….

February 20, 2009 2 comments

Isn’t it funny how we associate a day out with having treats?

I decided to take my 3 year old to the zoo yesterday. Well it’s half term and the poor kid has only been as far as Asda.

I packed a picnic for us both. I took some ryvita’s and laughing cow extra light spreadable cheese and a muller light yogurt for me. So far so good. It’s not long before my 3 yr old (armed with her picnic in her lunchbox) decides she’s hungry, so we stop for a snack. I have two of the four ryvita’s I’ve got with me and was ok with that. I thought that if I took a picnic lunch for us, it would mean a) we didn’t have to pay sky high zoo resaurant prices and b) I wouldn’t have to see all the yummy things they were trying to sell to me.

The day was great, it did get very busy, but that’s half term for you. The problem was, there were so many people walking around eating! I was satisfied with the lunch I’d had and really didn’t need anything to eat, but there are ice-cream stalls, sweet kiosks, cafe’s, restaurants etc… and I started to want everything. I almost convinced myself that it would be ok to get some sweets and an ice-cream, because I was on a ‘day out’ and you treat yourself when you’re on a day out! This comes from being taken out as a kid. A day out always meant an ice-cream, or sweets, or lunch out or a cake laden picnic. Now I’m not saying this was wrong, because I loved our family days out with these treats, but it’s hard to un-brainwash myself. I didn’t need these treats, I just wanted them.

I didn’t give in… I bought my little girl a balloon instead of me pigging out and turning into a balloon. She was happy, my scales will be happy and we had a great day without being piggies!