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Well that was nice!

February 21, 2009 2 comments

I’m having a few problems with my lower back today so I thought, ok, get your comfy trousers out. I haven’t worn these for quite some time, but they’re comfy. They are fixed waist rather than elasticaaaaaaaaaaaated that stretch with you, but the last time i had them on, they fit nicely and are soooo comfy. So I got them out and put them on.

Hmmmmm, they dropped straight down again LOL. This really amused me, so I pulled them up again and let them fall down again, giggling like an idiot.  They are WAY too big and there is no way on earth I can wear them. It’s a shame really, because they are comfy, but I’d end up breaking my neck if I kept them on because they’d be round my ankles and I’d trip over.

It gave me a good smile this morning and I’m now going to keep these trousers as my ‘fat’ trousers for when I’m at target, because less than 6 months ago, I couldn’t even get them fastened up because they were too tight.

[happy dance]