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Got my brain back…

February 14, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve got my brain back in gear at last. I have stuck to the plan as usual, but I’ve had a really bad brain battle this week after the dissapointing weigh in on Tuesday. I’m pleased to announce (TMI alert) that AF has eventually arrived in full force! Great timing for Valentines Day but c’est la vie.

I think that my body has been stuck in that stupid plateau rut and so this week I’ve eaten a lot of speed and super speed foods to try and give it a kick start and get it back into good losses again. Since January it’s been a pound here and a pound and a half there. Whilst this is a medically acceptable loss, it’s not acceptable to me. I know that I can lose 2 or 3 pounds on a regular basis, and to be honest, when I still have so far to go, a pound a week will take forever and I know I’ll get dispondent and that then takes me into the danger zone and I certainly don’t want to go there.

I even threw in an extra easy day yesterday (not like me at all.. I’m a red dayer through and through), but it meant that I could have a jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise for lunch and I made myself a really quick and easy cheats chicken risotto for dinner last night using left over chicken, a bit of chicken gravy and a bag of microwaveable rice. It was really nice.

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve added a recipe page. I’ll be putting some of my favourite SW recipes there, so if you’re reading this and have a recipe worth sharing please feel free to email it to me and I’ll add it to the page. Don’t forget to say what day it’s for and it’s syn value.

The fact that it’s Valentines Day isn’t going to throw any unexpected eating events my way. I have a very un-romantic husband, and chances are I won’t even get a card, let alone be taken out for a meal.  So in essence, Valentines Day is a non event and just another day [sigh]