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Oh dear!

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I want to eat. I want to eat loads. And I want to eat things that will stop me losing weight this week!!

I can’t give in to it! I’m not even hungry. I just want. Treacle sponge and custard, chocolate cake, chocolate, more chocolate, biscuits and copius quantities of stodge.

I guess I must be coming up to TOTM! I’m normally so focussed and don’t crave for anything, but today I want to eat for the sake of eating.  There is food in the cupboards and in the fridge, but it’s not the kind of stuff I’m craving.

I think a bath is in order! It won’t stop me thinking about food, but it will relax me. I am NOT going to give in, it’s mind games… those shoulder angels are arguing again. I’m going to pass the good angel a rather large baseball bat to silence the bad angel.

Grrrrr, it’s so frustrating feeling like this, but on the upside, I know it will pass 😀