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March 10, 2009 2 comments

If you’ve not eaten yet, or are actually eating right now.. DON’T LOOK!! unless you want putting off whatever it is you’re eating.

As I mentioned, I’ve now lost 52 and a half pounds of fat. My clothes are getting too big and the jeans I bought only a few weeks ago are way too baggy at the waist and keep falling down. Yay, it’s good news (except for my purse) but I started to wonder what 52 and a half pounds of fat looked like. Ok I could go back to my ‘fat pics’ and be grossed out, but then I started to wonder what actually weighs 52 and a half pounds so I could use it as a visual comparison.

Well, my 3 year old daughter weighs 37 pounds, so I’ve lost her and a bit. I can’t walk around carrying her for very long!

What else weighs 52 and a half pounds?

This black calf weighs 52 pounds!!! Holy Cow Batman.. mooooo!


Hmmmm, beef… free on a red day LOL

But the worst thing I could come up with visually that weighs 52 and a half pounds, is this table full of pure, neat, un-altered FAT!

Just think, that me, plus all that fat smothered all over me, used to sit in front of a breakfast bowl of cerial each morning. How disgusting is that??


It’s enough to put anyone on a diet I reckon!!

If I’ve put you off eating… sorry, but just think how many people I put off eating when I was wearing it. … ewwwwwwwwwww!!!