My Story ~ Part 2, The Restart

So, where do I start part two?

October 08 to the end of May 09 went great! We went camping for the weekend at the end of May, beginning of June. I packed my coolbag full of cottage cheese, ham and other SW friendly foods. The weekend was HOT! I mean scorching. The hottest weekend of the year. The stuff in my coolbag went off within a day. The weather was so nice we decided to stay there until the weather turned. What was supposed to be a Friday to Sunday camping trip turned into Friday to the following Thursday camping trip. Not enough friendly food to provide meals and out in the middle of nowhere meant the SW plan sort of went out of the window.

I’d been so regimented about sticking to the plan. So organised and dedicated. I had trained my brain to think that there was no way other than the Slimming World way. The makeshift meals on holiday reminded my brain that actually, there was another way to eat. The piggy way. Once back from the camping trip my brain was still in holiday mode. I decided, ok, we’ll stay off the plan until class on Tuesday and then we’ll get right back into it. erm… no.. actually brain decides that mouth should still keep being a pig. I completely lost the plot and off the rails and all those other cliche terms that otherwise disguise the real terminology.. I turned back into a fat pig!

My other half started to get back on my case.. when are you going back to class? My mum started to mention it again.. when are you going back to class? Get off my case and leave me alone!!! I didn’t want to go back to class, I was enjoying eating anything and everything without having to count it all up and ration it.

For the last three weeks though, I was beginning to tell I’d put weight on. My clothes were getting tighter and I was starting to get a bit fed up of feeling over-stuffed. I no longer knew when to stop eating. I would carry on eating because I wanted to eat it, irrelevant of whether I was full to bursting or not. I kept telling Mark and my Mum, yes I’ll get back to it, yes I’ll go to class.. when? I don’t know, but I’ll go back. Did you go to class this morning… ? erm.. no. Why? Because I didn’t want to…  Why didn’t you want to?.. rant rant rant (my ears are now closed and are not prepared to listen to my nagging husband any longer).

I gave my brain a good talking to. I was feeling fat and horrible. Nagging aside, I knew it was time to get my lardy ass back into gear again.

So off I toddled this morning to sheepishly poke my head around the door of the SW class. My consultant (the fabulously slim and gorgeous Danielle – who I let off for being so slim because she had to lose 5 stone to look the way she does now)… greeted me with open arms, a huge grin and OMG! You’re back, we’ve missed you.. shriek. Bless her. As the rest of the class filtered in in their dribs and drabs, I didn’t recognise many faces at all. But then the shouts started.. welcome back! Good to see you.. OMG.. you look so well.. It’s really strange, but it was like going home. I belong there, I fit in there I think. I just felt nice and comfortable. No one judged me on how fat I’d got since they last saw me.. well actually, the general opinion was that I really couldn’t have put much on because I really didn’t look like I had. The scales told a different story.

So it is what we women call ‘star week’. That time of the month we all hate, especially as it always gives me a 3lb gain (grrrr) but the grand (or should that be gross) total of weight put on is 1 stone and 6.5 pounds! MY GOD! You fat bloater.. how on earth could you do this to yourself. How many weeks weight losses have you just undone? You stupid… well you get the idea….  But it can be undone.. not overnight obviously, but it can be undone again. My head is back in the right place and I know that the food plan will once again become a way of life. My hubby is actually quite looking forward to it, he enjoys the healthy meals we have when I’m on the plan. The only problem I have with it is that he steals all the healthy food I’ve got planned for one of my meals on another day before I even get to it, which kind of pisses me off (a lot!).

So, fresh start, onwards and downwards and all that. Here we go!

  1. Cath
    October 6, 2009 at 7:00 am

    I have missed you at class and I have missed your blog. It was great to see you last Tuesday and we have all missed you at class – Danielle does a great job of motivating us and I am sure you will soon be well on your way to your PAT. So much of what you write I agree with, easier to give up smoking ‘cos you dont have to smoke to survive etc. and OH pinching your SW very carefully planned snacks etc!! That is a bummer – I become very territorial about ‘my food’!! But the thing I don’t agree with you about is that you are a ‘pig’. Stop thinking that and believe in yourself.

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