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Such Frustration!

October 14, 2009 2 comments

And so Tuesday morning ticked round again, and off I toddled to get weighed, only to find the weighing in queue out the door. Huh? Have we had a mass influx of new members?

No, we hadn’t. But what has happened recently (during my absence) is that our class had now gone into the modern era with modern technology! What a pile of pants that is! Instead of walking in, signing the book and handing over the class fee before moving on to the weigher-in-erer, hopping on the scales and having it written in your book… now, we have to have a card pretty much like a credit or debit card with a readable chip (not fish and chips kind of chip) that gets put into the card reader on the laptop. This then tells the database that you are at class. You pay your money, get your card back then head on to the weigher-in-erer, who then puts your card into a PDA, which is linked to the scales. Because you’ve already logged in on the laptop, the PDA retrieves your data of what you weighed last week, you get on the scales, it compares it to what you are this week and gives a reading of your loss/gain. Now to me, this is a very long winded cackhanded way of going about things… it makes the job twice as long and laborious. But.. that’s the way it is, and so be it.. until…. It stops working!! Last week, the PDA didn’t want to work properly and caused a delay, but this week… Oh my! Our poor consultant, bless her heart, was in a state. Her laptop stopped working during the week and so SW promised a new one. Now this laptop will only work for our class if it has our database on it, which apparently SW promised it would be there. The new laptop arrived at 7.30am on the morning of weigh in, so Danielle packed it in the car and came to class. Turns out that when she switched it on and tried to use the database, there was no database at all. SW hadn’t installed it on the new laptop. Poor girl, I felt so sorry for her, she was getting into a right state. So I decided to come back to the 12.30 class when she thought the database would be downloaded. I didn’t actually get back to class. By that point I’d had several more cups of coffee and thought I’d probably weigh a few pounds heavier (I drink a lot of coffee LOL). So I didn’t go back. That said… I’m still on track and at least next week it will show a bigger loss 🙂 OK, so it will be two weeks losses added together, but that’s ok by me 🙂

But what a farce this whole modern technology is. I realise it makes life easier for our consultant to get her data through to head office, but when it’s disrupting classes like that, and frazzling the poor girl into a wreck, is it REALLY worth it?


It’s coming off again!

October 6, 2009 1 comment

One week in on the re-start and off I toddled to weigh in this morning with intrepidation.

I have no scales here at home now. Our last set stopped working and I didn’t replace them. Well the thing is they can never make their mind up on what they want to say. I shout at them and argue with them when they don’t tell me what I want. They also have the same way of calling to me that chocolate penguins do when they’re in the fridge… come to meeeee, come to meeeeee, you know you want to… come to meeeeee… and then I just get fed up because I end up scale hopping. I know they tell you different things at different times of the week, (and day – when I became obsessed with them and jumped on an off the scales 20 times in one day!), but it was beginning to effect what I ate and how I ate. If I was down a good bit, I could be a bit less strict and still have a loss. If they told me I was weighing the same, I’d cut back even more. Stupid really.. so, I didn’t replace them. So this morning I set off for class with absolutely no idea whatsoever whether I’d lost or not.

I am very pleased to report that I’ve had a 6 and a 1/2 pound loss this week! [faint]

Now I know it’s my first week back and you lose fluids in the first week and so can expect to lose a little more than is normal, but I’ve never lost that much in a first week of any start of any diet plan ever. I was a bit shocked, although very pleased.

It must be that it’s new fat, so to speak LOL. recently put on and so it hasn’t anchored it’s roots in and settled into place for the long haul.

I was a bit surprised too because on Saturday I started with this horrible cough and cold that’s been going round. Believe me, it is horrible too. Normally (as a woman) I get a cold and have to carry on with all the usual childcare and cooking meals etc, standing with your nose dripping while you cook in a steamy kitchen… but this one has knocked me sideways. I’ve not been able to carry on. In fact, my older daughter and boyfriend came to visit for the weekend and I ended up falling asleep on the sofa, much to my disgust and annoyance at myself. So I thought I might weigh a bit heavy this morning considering the vast quantity of snot that seems to have taken over my head. [sorry – I don’t mean to be gross].

I’ve been shopping today. I really didn’t feel organised last week, although I did have food in, I just didn’t feel organised about it at all and seemd to wing it a bit with last minute decisions. I find it hard to cope like that. I have to plan my meals out in advance. That way I can take whatever meat is required, out of the freezer the night before and I know what other foods I can have working around my main meal. So, the shopping is done and I’ve got a menu plan for the week.

I’m good to go again 😀