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Day One (again)

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I woke up this morning with that ‘something on my mind, something is happening today’ feeling.  My 4 year old had wandered into our bedroom and woke me, albeit very nicely with a kiss. I woke up too fast. Do you ever get that? Something wakes you up and you ‘ping’. Your brain goes into what? Why? where? when? mode and you’re not quite sure where you are, whether you’re coming or going or if you’ve been. Well it was like that. Once I managed to gain some sort of control on my brain racing at a billion miles an hour I realised it was not even 7 o’clock (thank you darling angel child!) and then I remembered.. ahhh back on the diet. No.. correction, back onto a healthy eating regime. (sheesh, I’ll never get the hang of not calling it a diet).

I always struggle to eat breakfast. My breakfast is three coffee’s (not all in the same mug obviously) and three ciggies (oh yes, that vile, evil, disgusting, anti-social habit). So after the cafeine and nicotine fix, I start to feel human again. Take daughter off to school (yay! she’s full time now) and decide where to start this morning. I really should start with breakfast.. nah, I’ll just have a coffee first. So breakfast (fruit n’ fibre today.. posh) actually happened about 10.30am. This is still earlier than I’d normally eat my first ‘thing’ of the day. (By thing.. I mean first item of food to pass my lips for the day… biscuits, cake, chocolate roll etc etc.. anything that doesn”t actually resemble cerial in any shape or form).

Lunch time arrived and I was actually hungry. Ahh, see, if you don’t fill up on biscuits and god knows what in the morning, you actually have an appetite at lunch time. So I ate a bacon omelette .. one of my favourite things on the SW plan. Yuuuuuum!!

Now this is where it starts to fall apart a bit. I wasn’t organised. Last day of the month means payday. Yesterday.. Old Mother Hubbard syndrome in our house. I planned to go shopping today, but one thing after another cropped up and I still hadn’t been shopping by 4.30pm, and it was now getting towards dinner time and there was nothing in the house for dinner. My belly was starting to grumble again. My stomach was beginning to think my throat had been cut! So off I went shopping. By the time I got back it was getting on for 7pm. By this time, I’m REALLY hungry. I fed Isabelle, put the shopping away, got Isabelle ready and off to bed.. it’s now 8pm. ahhhh naughty naughty! I’ve still not eaten since 12.30 lunch time.. bad bad bad. Too tired by now to cook anything I grab some ryvita’s and cottage cheese. Now this might sound disgusting, but I actually really enjoy it. Once that went down the hatch, my belly quit complaining. It’s now almost 9.30pm and I’m going to have a yogurt and some melon because if I don’t eat something else I’ll be starving in the morning.

So not a great start really, although I’ve stuck to it. I’ve not eaten enough, and I’ve gone too long between eating. But I’ve now shopped, the cupboards no longer belong to old mother hubbard.. and I’m good to go!

  1. elizabeth
    October 2, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    Yep, dangerous to let yourself get too hungry / go too long between meals. Happens sometimes though. We can’t be super-organised all the time. At least you went the way of not eating enough, rather than too much. I really have to avoid letting myself get too hungry or I’ll just grab whatever’s to hand!

    I hit 6st loss on Wednesday, well just over in fact. Really delighted, but the last stone or so seems to have taken ages.

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