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Doom and Gloom

May 21, 2009 3 comments

The diet is going absolutely pants at the moment. I’ve been trying so hard and the weight just hasn’t been shifting. The last couple of weeks have been the worst, and tbh I’ve not really stuck to the plan. The start of the week goes ok, I get to Friday or saturday and it goes out the window. I’m sick and tired of dieting. Of watching everything I eat. Of constantly thinking about food… planning what meals to have, cooking, shopping and the things I’m ‘not allowed’ to eat.

I’m not happy with my body yet, I still need to lose more weight, but my brain has wandered off down a different track. My will power and resolution have vanished. I have to get it all back into gear… but how? Beating myself up isn’t the way to do it, but that’s what I’m mentally doing and I have to stop it.

All that said, I kicked my butt back into gear yesterday and did a 100% day, and the same will happen today. I have to get this weight loss moving again. I just don’t know how. My body seems to have gone on strike. I’ve exercise cycled, and we even skint ourselves buying the Wii balance board and Wii Fit to use on my son’s Wii console. It’s good fun actually, I quite enjoy doing it, especially for someone who hates exercise! The body test isn’t so impressive as it keeps telling me my weight is going up, although this week I’ve had the worst ToTM for a long time. Sorry to gross anyone out, but its been heavy, and I mean.. h. e. a. v. y!! for 6 days! yikes. I guess it’s my age.

So, it’s back on track and lets shift some fat! I’ve decided on a personal achievement target which is 2 stone heavier than my actual intended target. I’m going to try to get to this PAT and see how I feel. My PAT is another 4 stone away, but I feel that’s achievable once my body gets out of ‘strike’ mode and starts letting go of the fat it loves so much.

And this morning I am drinking Twinings Morning Detox tea. hmmm. I HATE tea LOL. It’s disgusting. Green Tea is even worse! But this is .. according to the box.. a purifying blend with lemon, limeflowers, milk thistle and lemon verbena. Oh yes, what a concoction. and what is it supposed to do for me?  According to the box once again… Lemon tea has long been used in hot water as a refreshing and cleansing drink to start the day, thought to help cleanse the system. Milk thistle is believed to have antioxidant properties. It doesn’t mention what the limeflowers are supposed to do.. but there you go. It doesn’t actually taste too bad. It might be be better as an iced tea, but I still can’t get past the word ‘tea’. I hate tea LOL. It tastes a bit flowery (aha.. that will be the limeflowers!) but it’s drinkable. I wonder if I’ll feel any benefit from it? Although right now, it’s not mixing too well with the banana mullerlight yogurt I just ate. I think it’s all curdling in my stomach. ewwww!