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Six months on..

It is exactly six months since I joined slimming world and started my journey to slimdom.

This month has been a bit of a rollercoaster weight loss wise, with a stay the same and a gain of 3 pounds for no apparent reason. Really disheartening and quite easy to throw you off track and make you say stuff this for a lark. But no, I carried on. I don’t feel that I’m at a comfortable place bodywise yet, so I had to carry on. I can’t give up, I have to get to target this time and stay there. These sticky patches are thrown in to test your strength. Thankfully, I got through them.

I had set myself a mini target for my six month weigh in session. I wanted to get my 4 stone award at the six month mark. Why I keep putting pressure on myself like this, I have no idea, I really need to stop it. Maybe as I get closer to target I’ll ease up on myself .. but knowing me, I doubt it. That’s just the way I am I suppose. Anyway, on to this week’s weigh in.. my six month weigh in.

I stepped on the scales and felt a bit worried as the guy who weighs us frowned and looked again at the scales. I couldn’t see the digital numbers from where I was standing. I said, please me nice to me this week. He said ‘nice?’ You’ve lost 5 and a half pounds this week! WOW! That makes it exactly 4 stones lost. YAY!!! I did it. How on earth I lost 5 and a half pounds in one week is beyond me. I have stuck to the plan 100% as always, but why when I do it 100% can I lose 1lb yet another time it can be 5 and a half? I have eaten less bread and cerial this week, but chances are that if I do the same next week, I’ll lose a pound again. Aren’t our bodies weird?

I have now gone down into the next stones, which always feels good and I’ve lost just over 20% of my original body weight. I’m in danger of getting to being healthy. I am no longer morbidly obese!! Now that IS something to be pleased about! I’m just obese now – I never thought I’d be pleased to say that LOL

So, onwards and downwards to the next six months. Another stone off and I’ll be half way to target. Another 86 pounds to lose.

My stats this week are:

Loss this week: 5 1/2lbs
Loss in total: 56lbs (4 Stone)
% Loss total: 20.7%
Start BMI: 49.4
Current BMI: 39.5

  1. Jenn
    March 31, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Congrats on hitting your target hun, you are doing brilliantly 😀 xx

  2. alice
    March 31, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    oh well done ..bloody fantastic.
    I can wait till the scales say less than 17 stone .So I can imagine how you feel, you clever bugger you XXXXX

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