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The aftermath

Despite my anxiety about the weekend in Blackpool, it went well. We had a good weekend and actually enjoyed seeing family that we’ve not seen for 2 years. It was a bit manic at times with there being so many of us in such a small place, but we all coped.

Food wise, it was a case of eat what was there or go without. I was really careful all week before we went and kept it as low syn as possible. I weighed myself before we left on Saturday morning and my scales said a 3lb loss. I weighed myself on Tuesday morning before class and it still said a 3lb loss, but when I got on the class scales it gave me a 1lb loss. Oh well, at least it’s 1lb off.

There was no choice of food at the B&B and for the evening meal they served Lasagne and chips. I don’t even like lasagne, but I had to eat something, so down it went. Breakfast was a full English, so that wasn’t really a problem SW wise. But we spent the day at the Pleasure Beach and it was a case of fast food or no food! So we ended up in Burger King. There were no healthy options at all, not even a Subway! Grrrrrrr. I did manage to keep away from all the nibbles that the family had put out on Saturday night for the party. There were Pringles, nuts, sandwiches etc etc. The only thing I did have was a piece of birthday cake. So I was really quite proud of myself to be honest.

So onwards to this week. I’d like at least 2lbs off to take me back to where I was before the 3lb gain! A 3lb loss would be great because that means I’m going downwards again. I really wanted to get a 4 stone loss before the 1st of April, my 6 month Slimming World anniversary, but I really do have to stop putting pressure on myself like that. It will come off when it comes off.

Mark did comment that it’s really nice now I’m getting slimmer, and I did get a comment from one of his Auntie’s saying that losing the weight has taken years off me. She said that she’s always thought I looked ‘bonny’, but I look even more bonny now I’ve lost some weight LOL. Bless her. It did make me smile though.

  1. March 25, 2009 at 11:21 am

    You looked WONDERFUL last week 🙂

  2. March 25, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Well done. Weekends away are always a challenge and it sounds like you did really well with it considering the difficult food choices!4

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