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Week 23 WI

Oh Joy, joy and happy joy! After last weeks bleugh of staying the same, I am happy to announce that this week I have lost


I’m sure some of it was the tail end of last week. I think sometimes my body takes some catching up on itself. There wasn’t really any reason why I shouldn’t have lost last week, but anyway.. that’s done and gone and can’t be changed.  So my stats now stand as follows:

Loss this week: 4lbs
Loss in total: 52 & 1/2lbs (3 stone 10 & 1/2lb)
% Loss total: 19%
Start BMI: 49.4
Current BMI: 40

It’s funny too because earlier in the week I was brushing my hair and as I looked in the mirror my face looked slimmer. I commented to my other half that.. oooh, I’m getting my face back LOL.

To my friend, who I know will read this… hang in there! I know the scales were a bitch to you today for no reason, and you certainly don’t deserve it. All the excuses in the world won’t make you feel better, but please don’t let it all go because of a stupid number. You know where I am, and my coffee’s not too bad 😉

As a final note, I would have got my 3 and a half stone award today if we’d remembered LOL. I did get slimmer of the week and a bag full of fruit, just not that shiny little sticker that seems to mean so much to us slimmers who need praise every step of the way. I’ll get it stuck on my book next week. The cover is getting quite full now LOL.

I entered my ‘journey’ information on the slimming world website and it now predicts that at this rate I can be at target before Christmas! Oh how good would that be? Whether I’m at target by then or not, I’ll look and feel a darn site better than I did last Christmas!

  1. Kerry McHugh
    March 10, 2009 at 9:42 pm

    it’s so great hun!! You are doing so well! & just looking at how much your BMI has gone down is amazing , I know you might not feel it at the mo with your fybromyalgia(sp??) flare up :o( but you must be sooo much healthier from losing 52 1/2 lbs and will just continue to get more and more healthier with every lb!Wow target by Christmas .. thats brill , I think we might reach it together .. then both hit the town in the slinkiest of dresses! LOL I have used the online tracker thing too but havent used it for a while as when you maintain or gain it sends your target date to something crazy like 2015 (ok im exagerating slightly LOL but its almost that bad)Thank you so much for your kind words too about my gain , it really hit me hard today .. I think it was a kind of frustrated, angry & shocked upset.. i cant explain it really but im just so pissed of that I cant pin point a cause … but nevermind… I have to keep positive and your support has really helped so I am doing my food diary and would like 5!! off next week ..LOL

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