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If you’ve not eaten yet, or are actually eating right now.. DON’T LOOK!! unless you want putting off whatever it is you’re eating.

As I mentioned, I’ve now lost 52 and a half pounds of fat. My clothes are getting too big and the jeans I bought only a few weeks ago are way too baggy at the waist and keep falling down. Yay, it’s good news (except for my purse) but I started to wonder what 52 and a half pounds of fat looked like. Ok I could go back to my ‘fat pics’ and be grossed out, but then I started to wonder what actually weighs 52 and a half pounds so I could use it as a visual comparison.

Well, my 3 year old daughter weighs 37 pounds, so I’ve lost her and a bit. I can’t walk around carrying her for very long!

What else weighs 52 and a half pounds?

This black calf weighs 52 pounds!!! Holy Cow Batman.. mooooo!


Hmmmm, beef… free on a red day LOL

But the worst thing I could come up with visually that weighs 52 and a half pounds, is this table full of pure, neat, un-altered FAT!

Just think, that me, plus all that fat smothered all over me, used to sit in front of a breakfast bowl of cerial each morning. How disgusting is that??


It’s enough to put anyone on a diet I reckon!!

If I’ve put you off eating… sorry, but just think how many people I put off eating when I was wearing it. … ewwwwwwwwwww!!!

  1. Kerry McHugh
    March 10, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Oh my god, that black calf weighs 52 lb !I wouldnt like to carry that far! I think Declan weighs about 58 lb and I rarely pick him up now..LOL but its amazing to think we carried all that weight around with us, no wonder I got out of breath walking up the stairs !Goodness me !Wow .. all that fat on the table too its amazing !My mum always says to me “ooo but you carried it well” Im sorry but no-one carries an excess of 7 stone WELL..lol I think love really is blind sometimes !LOL

  2. slack alice
    March 11, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    well done annie.
    Just cant believe that calf weighs 52lb- and thats how much you have lost -it is hard to imagine that you had that ‘wrapped around’ you.
    When I saw it I was like bl***y hell !!
    but it just goes to show . Im a happy bunny today as i lost 2lb and finally got my 2 stone sticker wooohoo

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