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Week 22 WI and Monthly Stats

I know, I know, I’ve been a slacker. I haven’t posted in a week! In my defense, I’ve not had time to. We were away from Friday to late Sunday. Eating wise wasn’t very good tbh. I had a bit of a biscuit fest on Wednesday and my daughter has had chicken pox, last week of the month.. no planned food in the house and no money to buy decent food… a combination of problems. So I’ve stayed the same this week, but that’s ok. I’m not disappointed but I am going to lose 3lbs next week 😉

I’ve taken my 1st of the month measurements and I’m pleased to see the results.

Measurements taken on 3rd March.

3rd March

  • Neck: 15″
  • Bust: 49 1/2″
  • Waist: 45″
  • Hips: 52 1/2″
  • Thigh: 26″
  • Upper Arm: 13 1/4″

Compare those to last month:

1st February

  • Neck: 16″
  • Bust: 50″
  • Waist: 47 1/2″
  • Hips: 54″
  • Thigh: 27 1/2″
  • Upper Arm: 14 1/2″

Inch Loss

  • Neck: -1″
  • Bust: -1/2
  • Waist: -2 1/2″
  • Hips: -1 1/2″
  • Thigh: 1 1/2″
  • Upper Arm: 1 1/4

A total inch loss of 8 and 1/4 inches in a month.

Not too bad 🙂

So onwards and through next week. I am half a pound away from my three and half stone award. I’ll have that next week thank you very much. 😀

  1. Kerry McHugh
    March 3, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Hi Ann-Marie
    Glad you’re ok with your maintain , life is difficult to work dieting into sometimes, so a maintain during the tricky times is great!, I am sure you will get 3lb off next week . and WOW its amazing how your inches are coming off ! I need to do this more regularly as sometimes the scales can make you feel a bit like youre not moving, but great to know those inches are melting away regardless!
    see you soon
    Kerry xx

  2. slack alice
    March 6, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    well done on your inch loss. Mine seem to be stuck at the minute LOL
    hope you get to your goal this week. I have been sooo close to my 2 stone – Im on elastic LOL

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