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Six months on..

March 31, 2009 2 comments

It is exactly six months since I joined slimming world and started my journey to slimdom.

This month has been a bit of a rollercoaster weight loss wise, with a stay the same and a gain of 3 pounds for no apparent reason. Really disheartening and quite easy to throw you off track and make you say stuff this for a lark. But no, I carried on. I don’t feel that I’m at a comfortable place bodywise yet, so I had to carry on. I can’t give up, I have to get to target this time and stay there. These sticky patches are thrown in to test your strength. Thankfully, I got through them.

I had set myself a mini target for my six month weigh in session. I wanted to get my 4 stone award at the six month mark. Why I keep putting pressure on myself like this, I have no idea, I really need to stop it. Maybe as I get closer to target I’ll ease up on myself .. but knowing me, I doubt it. That’s just the way I am I suppose. Anyway, on to this week’s weigh in.. my six month weigh in.

I stepped on the scales and felt a bit worried as the guy who weighs us frowned and looked again at the scales. I couldn’t see the digital numbers from where I was standing. I said, please me nice to me this week. He said ‘nice?’ You’ve lost 5 and a half pounds this week! WOW! That makes it exactly 4 stones lost. YAY!!! I did it. How on earth I lost 5 and a half pounds in one week is beyond me. I have stuck to the plan 100% as always, but why when I do it 100% can I lose 1lb yet another time it can be 5 and a half? I have eaten less bread and cerial this week, but chances are that if I do the same next week, I’ll lose a pound again. Aren’t our bodies weird?

I have now gone down into the next stones, which always feels good and I’ve lost just over 20% of my original body weight. I’m in danger of getting to being healthy. I am no longer morbidly obese!! Now that IS something to be pleased about! I’m just obese now – I never thought I’d be pleased to say that LOL

So, onwards and downwards to the next six months. Another stone off and I’ll be half way to target. Another 86 pounds to lose.

My stats this week are:

Loss this week: 5 1/2lbs
Loss in total: 56lbs (4 Stone)
% Loss total: 20.7%
Start BMI: 49.4
Current BMI: 39.5


The aftermath

March 25, 2009 2 comments

Despite my anxiety about the weekend in Blackpool, it went well. We had a good weekend and actually enjoyed seeing family that we’ve not seen for 2 years. It was a bit manic at times with there being so many of us in such a small place, but we all coped.

Food wise, it was a case of eat what was there or go without. I was really careful all week before we went and kept it as low syn as possible. I weighed myself before we left on Saturday morning and my scales said a 3lb loss. I weighed myself on Tuesday morning before class and it still said a 3lb loss, but when I got on the class scales it gave me a 1lb loss. Oh well, at least it’s 1lb off.

There was no choice of food at the B&B and for the evening meal they served Lasagne and chips. I don’t even like lasagne, but I had to eat something, so down it went. Breakfast was a full English, so that wasn’t really a problem SW wise. But we spent the day at the Pleasure Beach and it was a case of fast food or no food! So we ended up in Burger King. There were no healthy options at all, not even a Subway! Grrrrrrr. I did manage to keep away from all the nibbles that the family had put out on Saturday night for the party. There were Pringles, nuts, sandwiches etc etc. The only thing I did have was a piece of birthday cake. So I was really quite proud of myself to be honest.

So onwards to this week. I’d like at least 2lbs off to take me back to where I was before the 3lb gain! A 3lb loss would be great because that means I’m going downwards again. I really wanted to get a 4 stone loss before the 1st of April, my 6 month Slimming World anniversary, but I really do have to stop putting pressure on myself like that. It will come off when it comes off.

Mark did comment that it’s really nice now I’m getting slimmer, and I did get a comment from one of his Auntie’s saying that losing the weight has taken years off me. She said that she’s always thought I looked ‘bonny’, but I look even more bonny now I’ve lost some weight LOL. Bless her. It did make me smile though.

Horrible week!

March 19, 2009 2 comments

Well, it pains me to write this post. This week I gained 3lbs!! The worst of it is, it’s not food related. I’ve stuck to the plan, as I always do, yet still gained.  Why are women’s bodies so unkind to us once a month??

I’ve been suffering with a really bad back for a couple of weeks and have been taking 15 tablets (prescribed by the dr) every day. I don’t know if they’ve added to the time of the month gain or not, but to say I’m pissed off is an understatement! It really doesn’t matter how much sympathy, or empathy you get from class members (and it is lovely to have so much support beind you) it still doesn’t ease the OMG factor, and the ‘I didn’t deserve that much’ thoughts. I was so ready for saying stuff it!

It’s been made worse by the fact that we are going to Blackpool for the weekend and I was prepared to have a fairly relaxed weekend, staying on plan as much as possible and go for extra easy to make eating out a bit simpler. Having had the gain on Tuesday, I just CAN’T stay the same or gain again this week. I will be mortified! The stupid thing is I’m getting so anxious about it. It’s ridiculous really. For god’s sake, it’s only food! It’s not the end of the world if I stay the same, or have a little gain, but to me it is. I can’t rationalise it and accept what will be, will be. This all boils down to the eating disorder (whatever title it may have) that I live with. Food scares me. It’s frightening. It shouts me, it calls my name, it wants me to eat it. I really wish I could enjoy food for what it is, a pleasureable experience we need in order to survive… so why on earth does it rule so many people’s lives so much? Grrrrrr… frustration!

I have managed to get through and am still on track. I did have biscuits and chocolate on Tuesday night. Sort of a punishment for myself really. Punishing my own body for putting weight on. How stupid is that? But that’s done.. out of the way and on Wednesday morning I was right back on track, with the help of a friend who was there with coffee and sympathy. I don’t know if she realised she got me sorted or not, but she did. Otherwise, who knows what I’d have eaten on Wednesday morning. Probably the entire contents of the fridge, freezer and cupboards.

So anyway.. on to the weekend, and as good ol’ Doris Day sang… Que sera sera… 😀


March 10, 2009 2 comments

If you’ve not eaten yet, or are actually eating right now.. DON’T LOOK!! unless you want putting off whatever it is you’re eating.

As I mentioned, I’ve now lost 52 and a half pounds of fat. My clothes are getting too big and the jeans I bought only a few weeks ago are way too baggy at the waist and keep falling down. Yay, it’s good news (except for my purse) but I started to wonder what 52 and a half pounds of fat looked like. Ok I could go back to my ‘fat pics’ and be grossed out, but then I started to wonder what actually weighs 52 and a half pounds so I could use it as a visual comparison.

Well, my 3 year old daughter weighs 37 pounds, so I’ve lost her and a bit. I can’t walk around carrying her for very long!

What else weighs 52 and a half pounds?

This black calf weighs 52 pounds!!! Holy Cow Batman.. mooooo!


Hmmmm, beef… free on a red day LOL

But the worst thing I could come up with visually that weighs 52 and a half pounds, is this table full of pure, neat, un-altered FAT!

Just think, that me, plus all that fat smothered all over me, used to sit in front of a breakfast bowl of cerial each morning. How disgusting is that??


It’s enough to put anyone on a diet I reckon!!

If I’ve put you off eating… sorry, but just think how many people I put off eating when I was wearing it. … ewwwwwwwwwww!!!

Week 23 WI

March 10, 2009 1 comment

Oh Joy, joy and happy joy! After last weeks bleugh of staying the same, I am happy to announce that this week I have lost


I’m sure some of it was the tail end of last week. I think sometimes my body takes some catching up on itself. There wasn’t really any reason why I shouldn’t have lost last week, but anyway.. that’s done and gone and can’t be changed.  So my stats now stand as follows:

Loss this week: 4lbs
Loss in total: 52 & 1/2lbs (3 stone 10 & 1/2lb)
% Loss total: 19%
Start BMI: 49.4
Current BMI: 40

It’s funny too because earlier in the week I was brushing my hair and as I looked in the mirror my face looked slimmer. I commented to my other half that.. oooh, I’m getting my face back LOL.

To my friend, who I know will read this… hang in there! I know the scales were a bitch to you today for no reason, and you certainly don’t deserve it. All the excuses in the world won’t make you feel better, but please don’t let it all go because of a stupid number. You know where I am, and my coffee’s not too bad 😉

As a final note, I would have got my 3 and a half stone award today if we’d remembered LOL. I did get slimmer of the week and a bag full of fruit, just not that shiny little sticker that seems to mean so much to us slimmers who need praise every step of the way. I’ll get it stuck on my book next week. The cover is getting quite full now LOL.

I entered my ‘journey’ information on the slimming world website and it now predicts that at this rate I can be at target before Christmas! Oh how good would that be? Whether I’m at target by then or not, I’ll look and feel a darn site better than I did last Christmas!

Week 22 WI and Monthly Stats

March 3, 2009 2 comments

I know, I know, I’ve been a slacker. I haven’t posted in a week! In my defense, I’ve not had time to. We were away from Friday to late Sunday. Eating wise wasn’t very good tbh. I had a bit of a biscuit fest on Wednesday and my daughter has had chicken pox, last week of the month.. no planned food in the house and no money to buy decent food… a combination of problems. So I’ve stayed the same this week, but that’s ok. I’m not disappointed but I am going to lose 3lbs next week 😉

I’ve taken my 1st of the month measurements and I’m pleased to see the results.

Measurements taken on 3rd March.

3rd March

  • Neck: 15″
  • Bust: 49 1/2″
  • Waist: 45″
  • Hips: 52 1/2″
  • Thigh: 26″
  • Upper Arm: 13 1/4″

Compare those to last month:

1st February

  • Neck: 16″
  • Bust: 50″
  • Waist: 47 1/2″
  • Hips: 54″
  • Thigh: 27 1/2″
  • Upper Arm: 14 1/2″

Inch Loss

  • Neck: -1″
  • Bust: -1/2
  • Waist: -2 1/2″
  • Hips: -1 1/2″
  • Thigh: 1 1/2″
  • Upper Arm: 1 1/4

A total inch loss of 8 and 1/4 inches in a month.

Not too bad 🙂

So onwards and through next week. I am half a pound away from my three and half stone award. I’ll have that next week thank you very much. 😀