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Another Day

February 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, I’ve got through today ok. Still disgusted about the 1/2 lb gain yesterday, but I have to move on. The annoying thing is, it should be ToTM, and I feel so fat and bloated, TMI warning… my period has been ‘pretending’ to start for three days now, but still not properly. There is no way on earth I’m pregnant so count that out.. I just wish it would arrive and get on with it. My hormones might settle down a bit too.

Had a Red day today with plenty of protein and I’ve pee’d for Britain. That’s a good sign at least LOL.

I’m a bit annoyed with myself though, because with one thing and another, I didn’t get to the supermarket today so I wasn’t really organised for dinner. I was going to cook chicken stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and have veg with it. Except I’ve no veg! So I scrapped that idea and just had a bacon omelette for dinner. Mistake! It’s now 9pm and I’m hungry. So I’ve just stuffed the chicken breast with laughing cow extra light cheese and wrapped it in bacon and shoved it in the oven LOL. I’ll slice it up and eat it as it is. That should stop my stomach complaining when i go to bed.

I’m going to have to drag my sorry butt to Asda tomorrow, not that i have a problem with Asda, it’s the old biddies who are on their weekly outing that need trolleys to hold them up that bother me. But that’s a whole other story LOL. I did try to order my shopping online and get it delivered but I couldn’t get a delivery slot until Friday. We’ll have starved by then, Old mother Hubbard’s cupboards are nothing compared to ours LOL.

Onwards and downwards!!

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