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Shoulder Angels

February 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

As the Boomtown Rats once sang, I don’t like Mondays!! Why don’t I like Mondays? Because I weigh in on a Tuesday morning. It seems so long ago that I had my last weigh in, yet so far to the next one. Daft as that may sound.

I feel quite weak willed on a Monday. The temptation to think, OK I can get away with eating x, y or z because I weight in tomorrow, is quite high. I know it’s stupid and I could quite happily beat myself around the head for thinking this way. I know I have to change my eating habits for life and get over this impulse to binge and cram my face full of anything that’s bad for me.

Then there’s the other end of the scale. Hmmm, I’m getting weighed tomorrow morning, so I better not eat very much just so as I don’t weigh heavy. This is another stupid theory that I have, and I know this is a common theory with anyone trying to lose weight. So many people will starve themselves before they weigh in just so they weigh the lightest they possibly can. But why? We are so dependend on those numbers being so much smaller each week. Our life revolves around those numbers settling on one we are happy with.

So then we get into a self abuse situation. What if those numbers are higher than I want them to be? What if I’ve only lost 1lb? As I mentioned before, a pound is a pound, and it’s a pound off, but it’s never good enough. In our heads, we want to get on the scales each week to be told we’ve lost half a stone. How cool would that be? Be really good all week and lose half a stone? Oh wow!! But in reality, that doesn’t happen. We always want the weight to fall off so quick. This is because we’ve made the decision that we are bigger, heavier, weigh more than we ideally want to. The determination sets in to get rid of it, but the speed the weight comes off at, doesn’t match our determination and that’s when we set ourselves up for a failure.

So, all that said… I generally have my shoulder angels arguing on a Monday. The good angel shouting at the top of it’s voice to shut the bad angel up. Thankfully, my good angel has a loud voice and the bad angel stomps off to sulk LOL.

  1. February 3, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    I weigh in on mondays…. and let me tell you, sunday night can be a real battle of wills… my will to lose against my will to use up my WW points for the week…. I am always tempted to use up any of my extra flex points before they roll over for the week are gone and I can’t have them anymore… but I know that if I eat my 10 pts of ice cream I will regret it in the morning…. so I settle for smaller amounts and I find that is ok when I make it seems bigger than it is… if you put one scoop of ice cream in a soup bowl it looks very sad and lonely… but if you put it in an espresso cup then you have an entire cupful. It’s still the same amount but somehow it psychs out the part of my brain that feels deprived if I don’t fill up the plate or the bowl or the cup… I wonder if anyone has written a book about that… I find myself gravitating toward the small plates so that I can fill them up…. it looks like more that way and it makes me happy to have a full plate… just rambling now… thanks for the blog…. 🙂

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