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The Dieters’ New Clothes

January 31, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

After deciding yesterday that I really ought to get some clothes that actually fit, I trundled off to Asda. Cheap and cheerful (well not exactly cheerful, I’m happy in black!) clothes were the order of the day. The fact that it was payday made things so much easier.

I’m not one for spending money on myself. In fact, I rarely spend money on myself. Even when I do, it’s a minumum amount. Add to this fact that I don’t want to be spending much money on clothes that aren’t going to fit for long, and I was looking for as cheap as possible.

Of course, me being me, wandered around the girls clothes first. My 3 year old has had a growth spurt and her t-shirts no longer cover her belly LOL. So I got a few things for her. Training for how to buy clothes?

The thing with George at Asda, is that they have listened to the British Woman and now stock a plus size section, so obviously I headed straight to it. Completely uninmpressed with their selection, I was ready to head home without new clothes. A top caught my eye, but this was in the ‘normal’ clothing section. Ok it was still a large size, but it was in the normal clothing department. So I wandered and picked things up, put them back and decided on an armful of clothes to go and try on.

Now, anyone who is overweight absolutely hate going into changing rooms. The lighting in changing rooms is terrible and oh god those huge mirrors that show you parts of your body you didn’t even know exist! And how hideous those parts look. These at the bits you have ignored for years because they’re behind you. But these changing room mirrors show all your flaws in full glorious technicolour from any angle you desire (or don’t) to see them from. I avoid changing rooms like the plague! But I really wasn’t sure what size I am, so I took a variety of sizes into the changing rooms knowing full well that if I just took clothes home to try on to find they don’t fit, I wouldn’t take them back. They’d sit in the carrier bag hidden at the back of the wardrobe, recipt in with it so that hubby doesn’t see I’ve wasted his hard earned money again on clothes that don’t fit.

So, in I go! I tried a top on first. Cheered by the fact that this top is 2-3 sizes smaller than I previously had to buy, I tried the combat pants on. eek! They looked hideous! So I tried a pair of trousers on, they fit lovely apart from the leg length. It seems I don’t have standard legs LOL. They were way too long and I really couldn’t be bothered to take 3 inches off the bottom. The strange thing is, that the sizings vary so much, even from the same company. So I still don’t really know what size I am, apart from smaller than 3 months ago.  Even the tops vary so much size wise.

Anyway, I ended up with three new tops, two pairs of jeans (yes, jeans!!!) and a pair of jogging type trousers for bumming around the house in. I spent a grand total of….. £26!! Can you believe that? I can’t LOL. The jeans were £3 each and the tops a fiver. I even managed to get three pairs of knickers for £1 – imagine that, knickers to fit me for a quid! My big comfortable knickers are no longer comfortable.. they’re still big though LOL. They are too loose and they fall down. Imagine walking down the street and your knickers sliding down your legs. What do you do? Step out of them and pick them up? Step out of them and carry on, leaving them there as if nothing happened? or pull them back up so the world can see your big knickers and big butt that goes inside them? No, lets avoid that issue! Buy smaller knickers is the best way to go.

I was quite pleased with myself because I bought a light grey top as well as the obligatory black ones. I tried the grey top on and my darling [cough!] 3 year old said, I don’t think you look very pretty in that. Oh thanks kiddo! She said, you’re having a grey day and you don’t look pretty. Having thought about it for a while and 18 year old son saying, you look really nice.. I came to the conclusion that you have to wear pink to look pretty. Everything has to be pink for my 3 year old, even her knickers!

I think it might be quite some time before I wear pink!

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